This is a piece from the same era as “I’m Sorry”. However, whereas that one features a mix of real and synthesized instruments, this song is exclusively made up of MIDI instruments. I had fun experimenting with combining instruments to make new sounds. If you listen to the third sound that comes in (after the clarinet and marimba), it’s actually the acoustic guitar and sitar coupled up. (There might even be a third sound in there, but I can’t remember.)

The name is taken from the name of a little cafe that was down the street from my house, that closed a few months after I moved in. I had just come back from breakfast there when I started working on this.

The Z’s after could be construed as a reference to the sound comic characters make when sleeping. Also, I originally envisioned 26 different versions of this melodic idea, each named after a letter of the alphabet, moving backwards from Z. I pronounce it dodo zeeze.


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