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This is a piece from the same era as “I’m Sorry”. However, whereas that one features a mix of real and synthesized instruments, this song is exclusively made up of MIDI instruments. I had fun experimenting with combining instruments to make new sounds. If you listen to the third sound that comes in (after the clarinet and marimba), it’s actually the acoustic guitar and sitar coupled up. (There might even be a third sound in there, but I can’t remember.)

The name is taken from the name of a little cafe that was down the street from my house, that closed a few months after I moved in. I had just come back from breakfast there when I started working on this.

The Z’s after could be construed as a reference to the sound comic characters make when sleeping. Also, I originally envisioned 26 different versions of this melodic idea, each named after a letter of the alphabet, moving backwards from Z. I pronounce it dodo zeeze.


I’m Sorry

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I’m Sorry

About two years ago I had been kicking around the idea of liberating myself from having to write lyrics for all of the music I wanted to make, and just using the music itself to express whatever emotion I was dealing with. This piece was the first successful incarnation of that idea, and sprang into being without much effort.

Basically, the piece is addressed to someone about whom I had finally concluded I didn’t want to ever be in a relationship with again. There’s so much that could be said about that moment with words, but I think the music really expresses what that felt like, and I guess what I wished she could feel like as well.

On the technical side, the guitars and banjo are real instruments, while the bass and reeds are synthesized, or MIDI, instruments. I’d never really thought about writing for clarinet and saxophone before, but the standard instruments that come with Pro-Tools largely sound like crap. The clarinet, organ, bass, and a few others are the only ones that sound halfway decent to me, so they show up in several pieces from this time period.

Also, the ambient sounds and barking dog were just things that were happening while recording and seemed to enhance the mood. The dog is my landlord’s dog, Gigi.

Missed Connection

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Missed Connection Theme #1

Missed Connection Theme #2

These two pieces (variations on a theme, really) were quick sketches made for a short movie that I acted in last year. For some reason communication with the director petered out (I suspect she wasn’t that into the music), so they are mine now. I really like the way they sound, and still think they would be perfect for a quirky short film. It was my idea at the time that there would be more variations, so maybe I’ll have reason to fulfill that at some time in the future.

That’s me on the accordion left at my house by my old roommate, Mike, who ran away to Canada to be in love. I love the sound of the thing, but when you have it hanging on you it’s difficult to avoid the sensation that it wants to do you bodily harm.