There’s No Limit To What A Dust-Bunny Can Do With Clean Teeth

Part Broom, Part Manx



You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are

There’s No Limit To What A Dust-Bunny Can Do With Clean Teeth
Even Birds Get The Blues
Artifice Of A Loving Gaze

These tracks are the product of a late-night freak-out session I had in my bedroom a couple weeks ago. On the tail end of nearly five-months of working on my album (Eat What You Kill), which has been very orchestrated and eclectic, I think I was feeling the need to make some music that was at once simple and unmusical. Basically, I just sat in front of my keyboard and twisted knobs for an hour. I tried to break the session up where I noticed transitions, however subtle. Several of the tracks were further processed, bouncing them down to my ipod and re-recording them using a mic while they played through various speakers (ie- my guitar amp, and my roommate’s little ipod system). You should be able to hear the birds outside my window in one track.

As for the titles of the songs: I just let my mind wander. I’ve always loved naming things, and when the thing you’re naming has no concrete meaning it can be very liberating for someone whose language brain can be as bizarre as mine.

A note on listening: I just noticed that because each track has its own player, it’s possible to play multiple tracks at the same time. While I didn’t intend for this to happen, I encourage the listener to try out different combinations!


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